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A Reboot of Celebrity Cooks. That is the plan!

A Reboot of Celebrity Cooks. That is the plan! published on

Graham KerrThe producers of the original Celebrity Cooks are serious about bringing back the well loved hit show because there really isn’t anything like it available on television today! The show’s format is designed to offer guests a great chance to connect with their fans and have a lot of fun in the process.

Bruno Gerussi had a wonderful talent for getting guests to relax and have some fun, but he could also get a great conversation going with any sort of guest. He will be missed.   The show  won’t be exactly the same without him. The clothes and the music have changed.

However, there are a lot of exciting choices to make from today’s music and show business stars. These are interesting times and today’s stars still have favorite meals, songs, stories, and old family recipes. Stories that just wouldn’t be the same told on a tweet. Celebrities acting like you or I, in a hurry to get supper on the table and laughing with friends. The live studio audience will be a big factor too! We made 478 episodes and there are many times that the chemistry between the guest and the audience made the show something very special.There is a reason why this show lasted so very long, because it never ever stopped being unpredictable and fun!

Our hope is that fans of Celebrity Cooks with Bruno Gerussi will support our efforts to bring the show back with a new host who can shine as bright as the late great Bruno Gerussi.

Our success will depend on our fans. We welcome your “Likes” on Facebook and your messages of support there too!
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BrunoYou have a chance to bring this show back from a simpler happier time! Your comments and sharing our posts with your friends will tell the TV world that bringing Celebrity Cooks back is a very good idea. We can do this together, and we intend to give you lots of chances to help us choose guests and shape the final version of the series.