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Celebrity Cooks

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Celebrity Cooks with Bruno Gerussi
Reviving Celebrity Cooks, the hit entertainment and comedy franchise that was disguised as a cooking show.

Celebrity Cooks is a show that isn’t what you think it is. Sure, you are imagining a cooking show with celebrities but that is like saying that a juicy prime rib steak is simply protein on a bone. This show is unlike anything on TV!

If you are hungry for a show to breathe some life into your day rather than simply be another clone, then we have the recipe. “Celebrity Cooks” is a 30 minute variety-comedy-performance explosion of flavor. A show with a great meal and a lot of fun. Grab yourself a nice glass of something tasty and enjoy our best!

Celebrity Cooks Ingredients:

Our 30 minutes of smart, funny, free-style TV has a live audience, live band, and a great host.

The simple but clever plan is taking a celebrity and putting them in an unfamiliar position. Sure they’ve done lots of talk shows. But have they ever done a show where they not only have to talk, but perform and also cook something, in front of an audience, on live TV? All unrehearsed!

The nature of the show is natural comedy and has the remarkable capability of consistently providing the unpredictable and the unexpected.   Our secret ingredient for our new version of the show is a host who has a black belt in “Improv comedy”.   Our host will have the ability to work with a variety of guests, to keep things moving, to help the guests and audience connect, to let the laughs naturally occur or to take charge of the show in their own way and run with it. This is why we wanted a veteran performer. Somebody that we can trust to take a great show, an interesting guest and really make some unpredictable magic !

Our guests will bring their talents, stories and recipes. The whole show is performance, whether it be music, song, stand-up, or the drama of trying to make it all look good in less than 30 minutes. Celebrity Cooks will deliver fresh, fun entertainment! Whether you are watching at the end of a long day or before it is your turn to make supper, this is one half hour that you’ll consider time well spent.

It is a proven formula. The original Celebrity Cooks with Bruno Gerussi thrived on television for 12 seasons. The same producers have updated things a little for this era, but all the elements that drew audiences in Canada and the United States back then are still at the core of the next version of Celebrity Cooks. Talented entertainers mean that this is not some reality show. Our ingredients are top quality!

We have the opportunity to offer the audience and the celebrities the ultimate fun in live performance with audience participation possibilities. With guests supported by a great host, great music, and enthusiastic fans, the entertainment experience is wall to wall! So take a break from all the cookie-cutter shows and aggravating angst! Celebrity Cooks  is coming to make you smile at your TV again.

   Retrospective from the original Celebrity Cooks